How To Make Great Garden Edging

I’m  doing the pre con edge here which is  higher than the lawn but a lot of it’s  still in the soil which is gonna give it  more strength than just the water that’s  sitting on and I’m not using the spirit  level with a bubble I’m just using it to  make sure they’re all on the one playing  now it’s pretty hard to keep bricks  clean when you’re mucking around with  mud so don’t worry if it’s a bit messy  you can always sponge it off with clean  water and I think it’s worthwhile  pointing up which means putting the mud  between the bricks if you don’t there’s  just a free way for the grass to grow  into your garden bed and my last garden  edge and the one that I’m gonna leave  here forever  there’s some beautiful sandstone  now before I lay out wet which means lay  it on the mud  you got to put a few out dry so I can  get the angles right see we’ve got that great big joint.

Then what I can do is  just put a spirit level on a piece of  timber over that mirror the cut on both  side use an angle grinder and then I’m  left with a nice 10 mil joint perfect  just like a pro well all my joints look  really nice and even at the moment it’s  a bit up and down but that doesn’t  matter the mud will make up the  difference and we’ll all end up on the  one plane now how do you do it well give  it one piece of stone and lay one piece  of stone at a time so take it out put  the mud in wet the bottom side of the  stone and then put it back in now you  wet it so it doesn’t draw all the  moisture out of your mortar or your mud  mix for draws it out too quick.

The  mortar will dry separately to the stone  and they won’t be stuck now before you  fill the joint you want to wet it as  well so it doesn’t dry out and crap and  then all you do hold the plants back and  flick it in now flick Innings good you  feel the whole joint you wipe off the  excess wait for that to be semi dry and  then sponge it off they look a million  bucks well I think the co-state looks  really smart if you like the look of it  like that it’s only gonna look better as  it ages the best thing about it you can  mow straight over the top of it and you  don’t have to do the edges all the time  I reckon the other one that’s timeless  is the first one the cheapest one the  Spade edge we’ve been doing that ever  since we’ve been gardening but if the  brick or the plastic or the timber suits  your place on your budget go for.

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